Overhead Crane Pendant and Radio and Cabin Controlled


Unit Standard 242976 Operate Overhead/Gantry Cranes, Level 2, Credits 5



  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the functions of a crane
  2. Identify the safety and suitability of the crane type prior to utilisation
  3. Inspect and record the operational fitness of the components of a crane
  4. Operate an overhead crane in a safe and competent manner
  5. Crane is operated without risk of damage, loss to crane, property, or injury to people


Novice Training and Assessment

Days Required: 5 days

Re-Certification Training and Assessment

Days Required: 1 day

Pre-Request as per NCOP

Must be 18 year of age

Medical Report or Eye test

Medical Waiver from Employer

Certified Id Copy

Previous Operating Certificate with Re-Certification

On the job training and assessment are allowed on this unit standard