About Magas Training

Magas Training and Development is a black woman-owned, small business. The firm was founded in 2012 on the principles of developing and delivering high-quality training. Magas Training and Development specializes in soft skills and machinery training in line with Unit Standards, National Code of Practices and Government Acts and Regulations.


This training provides the requisite knowledge and skills for employees to improve their work performance and their mind set to why safety is and will always be the first priority in a work environment.



With that perspective in mind, these questions can be asked:


  • What makes Magas Training and Development unique in the Training Industry?

  • Why we are better than our competition and what sets us apart from everybody else?

  • Why should you do business with us?

In this document we have shared the information that we believe would provide the answers to these very pertinent questions. Obviously there is so much to share with you but we did not want to write a book. It is the intention to stimulate discussion around any topic that you may require additional information on.


Magas Training and Development

  • The Owner of Magas Training and Development is a qualified facilitator/assessor & moderator, against unit standards, each with many years of experience being trained in, and training others in their respective disciplines. She has a deep understanding of the situations students are confronted with in the workplace, and can advise the appropriate course of action, not only from a legal standpoint, but from a practical view as well.

  • This has enabled Magas Training and Development to provide the relevant training courses, adapted and enriched by personal experience, which gives us the advantage of providing a superior learning experience for the student. For the company paying the bill it has the benefit of equipping their staff with practical skills that result in the immediate improvement of the Health & Safety Standards and Skills of the workforce – and that translate into increased productivity through less accidents, fewer work stoppages, less time wasted by management chasing paper after an accident, etc.

  • Magas Training and Development is registered with TETA and linked with a Memorandum of Understanding to other service providers registered by CETA, MERSETA, and HWSETA.

  • Thus we provide training in any field of business.

  • Our QMS (Quality Management System) has been approved by the relevant legal training framework.

Training material

  • The Training material we provide has been a major differentiator for Magas Training and Development. It is complete, relevant, and professional and feedback from our students indicate that they actually use it as reference material in their job function.

  • We purchase our training material from approved bodies and the material is revised on an annual basis and changes effected are also submitted for approval.

  • We frequently receive requests for customized training. After the requisite site visits and process/content analyses, and using the customer’s unique requirements, the business drivers, etc, we construct a customized training course with all the relevant training material as well as the authorization from the appropriate SETA.

Business Case

Good Business Practice dictates that any expense incurred by a business either generates income or reduce costs. In order to assist our customers in motivating a business case to justify costs if required, we utilize a few resources to achieve the objective. One of these is a program derived from the Business Roundtable in the USA.

The indirect cost estimates provided in this program are taken from a publication focused on Improving Construction Safety Performance, and are based on a study conducted by the Stanford University Department of Civil Engineering. They concluded that the magnitude of indirect costs is inversely related to the seriousness of the injury – The less serious the injury the higher the ratio of indirect costs to direct costs (four or five times higher). For more serious injuries, indirect costs will average one or two times the direct costs of the injury. While they account for the majority of the true costs of an accident, indirect costs are usually uninsured and therefore, unrecoverable.

It is alarming to note that very few management teams have a clear picture of the negative impact that work related injuries will have on the balance sheet – and may be due to the fact that INDIRECT COSTS, by its very nature, are not clearly defined. The important thing to note here is that INDIRECT COSTS are ALLWAYS PAID FOR BY THE EMPLOYER and there is seldom an opportunity to recover these costs – and come straight off the bottom line.

An abbreviated listing of INDIRECT COST drivers include:


  • Any wages paid to injured workers for absences not covered by workers’ compensation

  • The wage costs related to time lost though work stoppage

  • Administrative time spent by supervisors following accidents

  • Employee training and replacement costs

  • Lost productivity related to new employee learning curves and accommodation of injured employees

  • Replacement costs of damaged material, machinery and property.

By utilizing our resources we make a business case that justifies the expense incurred on training the workforce.


  • All our Facilitators are well qualified in each subject they present, they are evaluated on an annual basis, and should the need arise, retraining in the subject is provided promptly.


  • At Magas Training and Development our Assessors are registered against unit standards which mean they are able to legally assess their students.


  • It is common practice to register Moderators generically rather than against specific unit standards. From reading the preceding paragraph you will appreciate that we subscribe to a different philosophy and set the highest standards in the Health & Safety Training Industry. All our Moderators are registered against unit standards (as are our Facilitators and Assessors) that enable them to moderate students and facilitators alike.

  • *This conforms to the legalities required by the Department of Labour and results in the following benefits for all parties concerned:

    • The Employer: It ensures that the training undertaken has been done to the standards set by the Department, and costs incurred have been wisely invested and can be recovered from the Department.

    • The Student: Has had the benefit of professional training in terms of Content and Presentation for which he/she received a certification, assessed and moderated legally and that cannot be challenged while the certification is valid

    • MAGAS: We strive for excellence in everything we do and by rendering a professional service in all aspects; we distinguish ourselves as the best in the business. The credibility we have achieved in the marketplace is beneficial to our customers because a certification by our company is well respected in the industry.

Training Programmes

Magas Training and Development can provide Accredited training programmes. All training programmes are developed against the applicable Unit Standard and National Code of Practices and SANS.


All learners will be well prepared for their assessment. All learning material and activities will produce the knowledge, skills and values required by the assessment activities.


All activities and assessments will provide evidence that the learners have met the outcomes and thereby have achieved the purpose of the assessments activities. Learners that do not reach the required competency will have the opportunity to be re-assessed, after the assessors has interviewed and completed top –ups with the learner.



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